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I started out learning better ways of eating and exercising at the age of 15, when I was 250 lbs and did not exercise nor eat right.  I woke up one day and decided things had to change and from that day forward I made changes to be healthier. Within 3 months I lost 60 lbs., bringing me down to 190 lbs. I started exercising and made better choices of what I was eating and with not a lot of effort, which put me at a healthy weight. These changes helped to jump start my metabolism, which allowed me to lose another 20 lbs over the next year. It amazed me these little changes went such a long way. 


My goal was to keep myself in good shape and to help others as well. In 2005, a friend talked me into doing a bodybuilding competition and with no in-depth guidance, I was able to compete and win my very first show in both my class and overall. Needless to say, I was addicted. Several years ago, I sought guidance from an IFBB Pro and top level prep coach. Over  years, I have gained more knowledge, solid lean body mass, and also have been in the best condition of my life. Currently, I am a Nationally Qualified Athlete who absolutely loves personal training and providing guidance into competitors who are starting out or those that need a little help trying to get to the next level.  I have 13 years of working out under my belt and have learned many techniques that I've combined into my own training style to use with my clients. .

              1 on 1
I offer 1 on 1 training sessions that you can choose from to best suite your needs. I offer 1hr sessions and 1/2 hr sessions Also can purchase 10 sessions at once to receive discounted rates.
Also have 1hr Couples Training sessions available.a


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